dutch paintings and watercolors


From the 19th century, painting with watercolors flourished and develops through the introduction of the paint tube and special water-absorbing and substantially rigid paper into an autonomous art form.

By the painters of the Hague School the watercolor flourished and is a big leap forward. In the twentieth century, the painters of the Hague School Second bring watercolor than to unprecedented levels. Especially (flower-) still lifes are immensely popular.

Beloved components of the watercolors are colorful flowers in many colors, the reflection and transparency of clear and colored glass, the shine of metal plates and trays, the transience of crustaceans and birds. But interiors are hugely popular and therefore provide a very good image of a period. Illustrative of this perfect development are the works of the artists Herman Bogman, Rudolf de Bruyn Ouboter and Piet van Boxel bequeathed us. For a nice overview of Dutch paintings and watercolors, please check the collection.